Your singing voice and eating

Your singing voice and eating

The foods you eat beforehand can help or hinder your singing performance. You shouldn’t sing on an empty stomach; however, don’t sing on a full stomach either! Here are some tips on how and what to eat before your singing event.

When to eat before the performance

Try not to eat just moments before the event. This can cause damaging throat clearing before or during your performance. Also, if your stomach is full while you sing, the movement of your diaphragm will be hampered. You will find it difficult to take a full breath when necessary. Also, you might start to burp! That will definitely turn any audience off!

On the other hand, don’t act when you’re starving. Her stomach might start to grow during the performance. Also, it will need enough power to be vibrant for your audience. If you skip a meal beforehand, you may develop fatigue, nausea, or a headache, which can hinder your singing voice and performance.

With this in mind, try to eat a “normal” balanced meal an hour or two before singing. This will give your digestive system a chance to work. Eat not heavy foods that are easy to digest. Eating foods that are heavy on your stomach or overeating can make you very sleepy. Eggs are great because they offer a high protein content, but are low in density.

Foods to avoid before singing

Avoid foods that can cause a buildup of mucus in your nose and throat while you sing. These include dairy products like milk or ice cream. Avoid citrus fruits as well. These tend to dry out the throat. Spicy foods and coffee are irritating to the throat. Also, avoid food choices that can cause too much air in your stomach, such as sodas and other “fizzy” drinks. Try to avoid frozen food or drinks before a performance. These can cause your throat to constrict. Avoid alcohol and large amounts of junk food on the day of your performance. And, be careful with the salt!

Foods to Enjoy Before Singing

Although there are foods and drinks that damage the throat, there are some foods that soothe it, such as sweets or licorice tea. Drink warm drinks like herbal tea or water. Some healthy food options for your body and voice include chicken, almonds, fish, yellow vegetables, apples, eggs, and rice.

Gargling with salt water or baking soda, sugar lozenges or some hard candies, and honey can help soothe your throat if it’s sore right before a performance.

When you pay attention to the foods you eat on the day of your singing performance, you’ll be amazed at how they affect your singing voice. Shoot the wholesome stuff to give your singing audience a real thrill!

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