Older women looking for toy children? How to find them online!

You are interested in older women who are looking for toys. Some mature women have a fetish for younger men (toyboys). The problem is that they rarely advertise it. And they have several reasons for being silent. Some will be married, others will simply be ashamed of being in love with younger men. The following paragraphs will give you a simple method to find these women online. It can be done easily and in a matter of minutes.

Older women seeking younger men for relationships will be very subtle in the way they advertise it. They will do it anonymously. So for this very reason, you are unlikely to find them posting personal ads on Craigslist or, for example, on a dating site related to your area. For example, if such a woman lives in Idaho, she is unlikely to look for toy boys on an Idaho dating site. The chances of people she knows running into her are simply too great. These older women looking for toy children will go unnoticed and look for men in anonymity.

So if local mature women in your area are searching anonymously, how do you find them? This is very simple. You just need to know how a typical “cougar” will search for “cubs” on the internet.

The “cougar” will join a very crowded international dating service. You know the type of site. This will be the dating service you will hear on the radio or see mentioned in the movies. They have members from all over the world and a population of members that would rival a small country. The beauty of these sites for these older women is that they can remain relatively anonymous. You will make a profile in your own town or city, but you will probably use photos that do not reveal your identity. Then he will go in search of young men.

Therefore, in order for you to find older women looking for toys in your area, you have to join any great dating service. Write on your profile that you are ONLY interested in mature women. This will encourage any “cougar” to contact you more than someone who has NOT written. What you should do then is look for older women. Like Facebook or MySpace, of course, you can search for women based on AGE. Next, you will be given a list of these mature women who are looking for young guys like you.

All you have to do now is start sending them invitations from friends. In no time you’ll have a growing list of friends, all of whom will be mature women who want to have relationships with young men like you.

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