Much mocked “Department Store Austria” cost 627,000 euros | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Wirtschaftsministerin Margarete Schramböck (ÖVP) versprach Verbesserungen. © HELMUT FOHRINGER Vienna – The currently much criticized online retailer directory “Kaufhaus Österreich” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Chamber of Commerce cost a total of 627,000 euros, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced to the APA on Tuesday. The transaction was carried out via existing […]

Cuvée Ladurée: Virginie Taittinger launches champagne for macaroons

January 02, 2020 Today at 15:35 ‘Always the same champagne? That’s like wearing the same dress every day, boring! ‘ The Brussels champagne maker Virginie Taitinger is launching a cuvée especially for the parties that is meant to pop with the macaroons of the French luxury house Ladurée. Very limited edition. And say she doesn’t […]

The most beautiful grand hôtels with a history of Belgium

Built with family fortunes, they received illustrious guests and still exude pre-war splendor. Three ‘heritage hotels’ that make you forget your faded life for a while. Before we catapult you even deeper in time, let’s go back to April 2020. Between the corona graphs, the newspapers headlined surprising news: after 125 years and seven generations, […]