Much mocked “Department Store Austria” cost 627,000 euros | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Wirtschaftsministerin Margarete Schramböck (ÖVP) versprach Verbesserungen.


Vienna – The currently much criticized online retailer directory “Kaufhaus Österreich” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Chamber of Commerce cost a total of 627,000 euros, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced to the APA on Tuesday. The transaction was carried out via existing framework agreements. The website was launched to support Austrian trade, especially in times of lockdown, according to the Chamber of Commerce. Work is being done on user-friendliness.

Since yesterday, users have been mocking dubious search results and poor usability of the site on social media. For example, if you are currently looking for “shoes” on the site, a table tennis shop, a mountain farmer site and an offer for children’s clothing will be displayed as the first preferences.

“After the start and the feedback from the users about the search system, the project team is currently working intensively together with the retailers to improve the categorizations in the department store Austria,” said the ministry. From now on, improvement measures will be continuously activated as soon as they are available. In a first step, product names such as “shoes” would be linked to the category search in order to provide better search results.

The virtual department store was programmed by the state federal computer center, the media owners of the website are the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Chamber of Commerce, the internet domain belongs to the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Ministry of Economic Affairs is responsible for the operation of the website. The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber supported the Ministry via Firmen AZ in addressing retailers to register for the “Kaufhaus Österreich”. Around 1000 online retailers are listed so far. (APA)

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