How to start a gift basket business – 1

Gift slippers are in fashion today! The year is full of special occasions when people search for the perfect gift basket for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, and corporate thank you gifts. It works for almost any gift-giving need because it’s all wrapped up and ready to go, making it convenient for most consumers with busy lifestyles. […]

make money through home based business ideas

Many home based business ideas are out there. You can earn money babysitting. After school hours and summer vacations, if you are interested, you can babysit your neighborhood children. One of the home based business ideas is candle making. After doing a candle making course you can do this as a business. You can employ […]

Mercury Retrograde September 2009 – Some Thoughts

Mercury’s last “escape” was from September 6 to 29… Mercury being the Messenger God of communications and travel. Mercury turns retrograde (Rx or R) for about three weeks every four months. Due to all the conflict and suffering that we have all witnessed globally, it seems that this particular retrograde has lasted all of this […]

Successful Online Marketing! Real home-based business opportunities, with no selling involved!

Online marketing is not just for geeks and professional marketers but regular people working 9-5 jobs, business owners, stay at home moms and job seekers can easily learn how to start a lucrative home based business. . There are so many opportunities to make money that don’t require selling. An online business can increase the […]

How to achieve business success at work from home

Work-from-home success is on the minds of millions of people every day, especially as the economy shows continued signs of struggle and failure for millions of households each year. While millions of personally and financially struggling people often dream of working from home success, there are few who will do what it takes to make […]

How long must home business/network marketing business owners keep tax records?

A frequently asked question from network marketing professionals is “How long should I keep my tax returns and tax records?” The IRS normally has 3 years to audit you and your business, from the date you file your return. So that makes 3 years the absolute minimum period to keep your tax records. However, if […]

Mergers and acquisitions reports

Mergers and acquisitions reports help companies track the growth and consolidations of their competitors, potential customers, and potential business partners. These reports contain factual and transaction information, which cannot otherwise be easily found and can therefore benefit companies that need such information. M&A reports also help monitor current market prices and terms so that a […]

Credit repair scams and what to look for

It is an unfortunate truth that the credit repair industry as a whole has come under a lot of pressure due to the actions of various unethical and (sometimes) illegal credit repair organizations. The Federal Trade Commission has worked with the attorneys general of several states to shut down credit repair companies that operate outside […]

Questions to ask before hiring a web developer

Website design companies are your marketing partners. The websites they design for you act as an important tool in conveying your mission and vision and achieving your specific goals. Your relationship with website design companies goes beyond business contracts. You don’t just assign them a project, you also trust them with your brand. Even if […]