How Often Do You Deliver Beef Jerky With Your Subscription Service?

Deliver Beef Jerky With Your Subscription Service

For jerky lovers, it can be challenging to keep your pantry, cupboards, glove boxes and pants pockets stocked with delicious beef jerky. It requires near-constant trips to the store, which can be a drag on both time and budget, as well as an ability to resist purchasing things like large cups of carbonated sugar water or novelty baseball hats. If only there was a way to regularly and conveniently deliver the best beef jerky to your doorstep, without having to make any of those trips or avoid buying those other things. Enter the JerkyGent beef jerky subscription Box.

Our jerky subscription delivers an awesome assortment of mouthwatering, artisan-made craft jerky from top jerky makers to your home each month, so you can discover new and exciting flavors that you may not have otherwise tried. From mild to spicy and everything in between, you’ll enjoy new jerky brands and flavors that are curated based on your taste preferences. Plus, we offer 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions, along with monthly or every-other-month shipping options to fit your lifestyle and budget.

When you purchase a Jerky of the Month club subscription, we reserve your first order immediately and then charge your card again 1 month, 2 months or 3 months from your initial shipment based on the frequency you chose. We do this to ensure that your jerky arrives fresh and dry, but not so long that it loses its flavor.

The Jerky of the Month is a limited-edition, seasonal selection of high-quality beef jerky from our wide array of amazing artisans. You’ll find a great range of flavors to suit any palate, and each subscription includes the Jerky of the Month as well as two other bags of jerky.

How Often Do You Deliver Beef Jerky With Your Subscription Service?

For a lighter option, you can also opt for the Jerky Club Box, which is lighter and cheaper but just as full of delicious, premium-quality jerky. This subscription features 2 bags of jerky each month, and you can swap out your flavors or switch your delivery frequency at any time through our easy-to-use portal.

All of our jerky subscriptions make a great gift, whether you’re looking for a treat for yourself or a special someone. When you checkout, you can choose to add a gift note for free, so you can let the recipient know that you care. We’ll print it out and include it with your package, so you can send the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

Customizable Frequency

Many beef jerky subscription services recognize that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to delivery schedules. As such, they may offer customizable frequency options, allowing subscribers to tailor their deliveries to suit their specific preferences and consumption habits. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly, customizable frequency ensures that each subscriber receives their jerky precisely when they want it.

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