Mercedes S-Class: Flagship as a class fighter | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Die S-Klasse trägt die neueste Interpretation des aktuellen Marken-Gesichts und macht sich für mindestens 5,18 Meter Gardemaß auffallend schlank. © Hersteller From Stefan Pabeschitz Stuttgart – As if Mercedes had stuck to the literary quote: “If everything is to stay the way it is, everything has to change.” So the previous S-Class was no longer

Audi Quattro: Stick to the floor thanks to technology | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Ein Fest für die Sinne: Audi mit Quattro-Technologie. © AUDI AG By Markus Höscheler Ingolstadt, Innsbruck – With so much traction, Audi could understandably easily take off: The four-ring brand has been promoting its Quattro all-wheel drive in various series vehicles for four decades with overwhelming success – almost eleven million cars have been equipped