Fulton Electric Steam Boiler Capacity Range

Fulton Electric Steam Boiler

The Fulton Electric Steam Boiler offers a large range of heating capacities to meet the needs of virtually any facility. The high quality, stainless steel elements provide a long life expectancy. The design of the unit allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. Using an advanced control system, the boiler is programmed to run on either natural gas or zero emissions electrical power. This provides a facility with the flexibility to meet changing energy costs and sustainability goals while maximizing operation efficiency.

Low NOx as Standard – All products are built with the latest low NOx burner technology. Fulton has spearheaded the development of this technology for decades and is now offering a full line of low NOx products from steam to hydronics to thermal fluid heaters.

Rugged Designs and Long-Lasting Materials – We utilize materials far greater than ASME code minimums and employ advanced stress analysis to create robust designs that reduce operating stresses and extend equipment lifetime. This results in a longer life expectancy with minimal maintenance and service time for your steam or hot water system.

Fulton Electric Steam Boiler Capacity Range

Intuitive Controls and Simple Maintenance – The Fulton VSRT and VSRT-E Fulton Electric Steam Boiler feature user-friendly interfaces with advanced features that allow the system to be easily monitored and maintained. These smart controls enable users to set the boiler to run on a predetermined schedule. This is especially useful for facilities that want to maximize efficiency by taking advantage of off peak electrical rates. The boiler can also be controlled with a smart building system to automatically switch between fuel sources.

Safe & Confidence – With an uncluttered pressure vessel, the Fulton VSRT-E is one of the safest, most reliable industrial boilers available. Its refractory-free, fully-wetted tubeless vertical design minimizes heat loss and is capable of withstanding the most demanding operating conditions.

Exceptional Performance – The VSRT-E delivers industry leading efficiencies of up to 86% on natural gas and 99% on electricity while meeting dual-fuel and sustainability requirements. This high efficiency is achieved through the unique combination of the VSRT’s wet-back, corrugated furnace design and its four pass flue gas heat exchanger.

Four passes of flue gas allow additional heating surface area to increase efficiencies compared to three-pass designs. This combined with a fully matched IC burner and modulating valve provide optimum boiler efficiencies.

A FB-C/FB-O boiler’s large water volume and steam chamber minimize its sensitivity to load change and maintain stability of steam pressure 6 and steam quality. The combustion chamber is located well below the water level providing ample space to ensure proper simulation.

Enhanced Heat to Steam Ratio – The VSRT-E’s large flue gas volume increases the amount of available heat for direct transfer into boiler water through conduction and radiation. This results in higher steam efficiencies and lower energy costs.

In addition to a wide range of options and sizes, the Fulton VSRT-E steam boiler comes in both natural gas and zero emissions electrical versions. This allows a facility to take advantage of the lower cost of natural gas while still achieving the lowest total operating costs possible.

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