Article Writing and SEO: How Content Creation Can Boost Your Traffic!

Article Writing and SEO: How Content Creation Can Boost Your Traffic!

As people became more internet oriented, article marketing slowly changed to become highly internet based. Unlike the traditional times, now almost every website has its own blog and section to display interesting and informative articles that are available for the pleasure of the reader.

Additionally, article directories now serve as online homes for many article writers. The author, in those directories, would create a profile and then publish articles under the topics of interest to him. What is even becoming more popular and increasing is the use of advertising in various of these article writings, where the writer may choose to promote their book, product, or link to another online service, for example. This can be simply by posting the link at the end of the article or by anchoring the link in the text itself. Article directories and article presence in general ultimately increase web traffic and thus lead to higher search engine popularity.

Article directories and blog posts usually target specific community targets and usually meet their needs and also engage them in comments, posts, feeds, and social activity. Also, those methods are considered the lowest cost types of advertising an author or writer can get. Popular article submission sites can radically increase the popularity of writers (who tackle hot topics) as well as increase your site’s visibility in search engines.

Also, a new trend in writing and submitting articles is back-linking which is taking place hugely nowadays and also increasing web traffic. Authors who typically have profiles on online article submission directories have their articles displayed with a certain link/URL. To increase the visibility of this article, the author would tag it with keywords (allowing the article title and link to appear at the bottom of articles of similar content) and also comment on other articles and blog posts from informative way to get traffic like Good. This link exchange also generates a lot of quality feedback to and from the authors.

One issue that we should also mention is that article writing is becoming more competitive due to the large amount of duplicate content available on the net. Article writing as a marketing medium is becoming less effective if the content is not unique and of high quality and if the articles do not link to and from your site.

Finally, we can conclude that writing articles is an effective marketing strategy to promote the profile or the site if used effectively. It not only gives the author more reputation, but also attracts a target audience of interest to him with whom he would always be interested in interacting and communicating.

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