Football boots buying guide

Football boots buying guide

Over time, football boots are becoming an essential accessory for footballers. These shoes come in thousands of styles as there are many manufacturers out there. So which shoes should you choose? Here are some expert tips to make it easier for you.


Do your feet hurt in your shoes? If you can’t walk comfortably in your shoes, how can you play in them? In other words, comfort is the first thing to consider when buying a good pair.

Price level

You have to put a price limit. At the store, you may be tempted by the thought that you can buy that amazing pair if you spend just a few more dollars. But trust me, you shouldn’t cross the price barrier you set for yourself. Most of the time, good football boots are priced at no more than $200. This may be a good price limit for you.

Size Matters

No matter how cheap it is, don’t take a pair that is too big for you. While the price may be tempting, don’t make this mistake. Playing in a pair that doesn’t fit you is a sure way to lose a game.

Don’t trust the big names

The big names don’t necessarily make the best shoes. Smaller or less popular manufacturers can also make some pretty good shoes. In other words, there’s nothing wrong with trying on shoes made by less popular brands. As long as they make shoes that meet your requirements, you can buy from them.

Shopping around

Comparing can ensure you get the best pair at the best price. In the market, you have to visit various stores to get quotes and see different pairs. This is the only most reliable and conventional way to buy the shoes you want.

Avoid Marketing Strategies

Do you want the same brand of shoes that Cristiano Ronaldo wore? If you do, stop. Are you sure that the same brand will be better for you too? There is a chance that the pair made by that manufacturer will not fit you. So this is not the right way to buy a pair of boots, especially for playing soccer.

Buy online

While online stores can be cheaper than physical stores, buying shoes from an online store doesn’t seem like a good idea unless the store is trustworthy. The size may be wrong or the appearance may be different from the images you saw on their website. Also, you can’t try on the shoes you saw on a website. How can you make sure the boots are comfortable? Therefore, it is a good idea to go to a local store and try on some good pairs.

There you go! Hopefully, if you reread these tips before heading to your local store to try on different pairs of shoes, you won’t buy the wrong pair. Usually, when people shop online without thinking about the important tips provided in this article, they end up with the wrong pairs.

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