Is There Any Order to Watch Anime?

Order to Watch Anime

Anime is probably a term you have heard before (or maybe not, but your weeb friends are always dropping it into conversation). Simply put, anime is an animated production that comes from Japan and has been embraced by millions of fans around the world. Whether you’re a newbie or a long time fan, there is always more to explore in this massive genre of anime.

For first timers, it can be difficult to decide where to start and what to watch first. While there are many different genres and types of anime out there, it is best to narrow down your search by the genres you most enjoy. For example, if you like fantasy then Sword Art Online or Black Clover are great choices. If you’re more into science fiction then Code Geass or Cowboy Bebop are great options. For those who enjoy romance, Horimiya or Toradora are great choices. Alternatively, for those who love action you can check out Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood or Gundam Wing.

It is also important to note that while there are a lot of manga and anime that do not require you to have seen the original series, most series are meant to be Where to find Watch order. Watching them out of order can lead to confusion and inconsistencies. For instance, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Full Metal Alchemist: Alchemist of the Flesh are not the same anime and diverge from the original manga’s storyline starting in episode two. In addition, Sacred Star of Milos, the spinoff movie, is not canon and should be watched after the series.

Is There Any Order to Watch Anime?

Watching anime can be an overwhelming task and it is important to find a service that makes the process easier. The best anime streaming service is Crunchyroll and while its UI could use some work it has an incredible library of both dubbed and subbed content. It has a near guarantee of having the latest TV anime available within hours of its airing in Japan. In addition, it has a huge selection of anime movies and OVAs as well as a wide variety of different language dubs.

Other services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video all have a decent selection of anime but their primary focus is not on that specific genre of content. For anime purists, those services are best avoided but for those looking to expand their viewing choices they can be worth a look.

As for which service is the best to subscribe to, it really depends on your budget. Crunchyroll offers both subbed and dubbed content and is the most affordable option. For those who prefer English voices and don’t mind a higher subscription cost, Disney+ offers both dubbed and subbed content with the exception of a few anime-only shows. It also features Dolby Atmos audio and 4K HDR video options for the true anime experience. Lastly, Hulu and HBO Max both offer an extensive anime library as part of their larger packages but they do not feature the same level of quality as Crunchyroll.

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