How to Edit a TikTok Video After Posting

Edit a TikTok Video

If you’ve ever wondered how to edit a TikTok video after posting, you are not alone. Many users have wondered the same thing. This app allows users to save their videos so that they can be viewed again later. Once you have posted your video, you can click the options menu on the left side of the screen and choose “Save Video.” The saved video will be stored on your device. While the editing option hasn’t yet been released, it is planned for the future.

The first step in editing your video is to download it. The downloaded video keeps all its elements, including the TikTok username and date of the post. You can’t edit a live video, but you can edit a posted one after you’ve uploaded it. You can edit an unedited video in your gallery. Then, before posting, you can add your desired effects or subtitles.

Here are the steps to take in order to edit a TikTok video like a pro.

After the video has been uploaded, you can edit the text or captions by tapping the “edit” button in the top right corner. You can also change the font color and customize the font. You can also change the text size by pinching or zooming the screen. You can add multiple stickers and text to a single video. To add captions to your video, you need to tap the appropriate tab.

How to Edit a TikTok Video After Posting

Once you’ve added your text or captions to your video, you can use the “Edit” tab to make the necessary changes. After clicking “Edit,” the blue grid lines will appear. Now, you can tap “Next” to save your changes. You’ll be taken to the “Prepare for posting” page. After uploading your video, you’ll be prompted to approve it.

Once you’ve completed your video, you can edit the caption. To edit a TikTok caption, simply click the “edit” button in the upper right corner. Then, you can change the title and caption. You can also add a description and text if you want. Lastly, you can add an effect or remove a caption. Just remember, the process will depend on the type of caption you’ve chosen.

After posting a TikTok video, you can’t change its captions. However, you can change the caption. To do this, tap “Edit” and then tap “Add Text.” From here, you can also add an image and text. The caption is a key element of a TikTok video, so it should be edited carefully. This feature isn’t available in all apps, but it’s still a convenient feature for some people.

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