Network Marketing – Providing a Value Added Service to your Customers

Network Marketing – Providing a Value Added Service to your Customers

Did you know that providing a value-added service to your customers, both existing and potential, is one of the most neglected activities in potentially profitable network marketing?

“Of course I provided a value-added service to my customers. My customer service department contacts them within 72 hours of filing a complaint. What else do you expect?” This was one of the statements one of the business delegates told me during a network marketing conference.

Now you need to imagine yourself as a customer. Do you think the service provided by this particular company falls under the category of value-added services? Especially when you want the answers now and the answer will be 2-4 days too late.

That’s why make sure that any kind of service you provide to your customers is relevant to the product you’re selling them. This can be in the form of professional help and advice or training in the use of the product. It can also be in the form of product replacement if it is defective and within the time range of the warranty period.

These services can be seen as going well beyond the normal call of duty. You are not obligated to provide your customers with these services. However, if your customer knows that you are going to give them a little “extra” after you have sold your product, they will feel calm. He will also know that you will be there whenever he needs any kind of help. This goes a long way in creating long-term brand loyalty.

Therefore, network marketing can be different from conventional forms of marketing in the way that you, as a customer, are not walking into a brick and mortar establishment. You are communicating with the seller via the Internet or through the “Talk to us” services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you get a really quick, helpful, helpful, courteous, and direct professional response, it will go a long way toward getting you on the company’s “very satisfied customer” list.

Value-added services may also include contacting your existing customers after a set period of time. You can ask them if they have any problems. You can also ask them if you can help them in any way. This may take ten minutes out of your busy schedule, but it will help you reinforce your market presence in the minds of your satisfied customers.

This is what value-added service in network marketing is all about. So use these tips and techniques to get more satisfied customers on your network marketing list.

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