Review: How to Write and Publish Your Own Ebook in Just 7 Days

How to write and publish your own eBook in just 7
Days of Jim Edwards and Joe Vitale exe format, 208 pages

I was intrigued by the title of this book: writing a
eBook in 7 days? But that is exactly what Jim Edwards and
Joe Vitale will show you how.

However, your eBook doesn’t have to be 100 pages long. In fact,
Joe Vitale’s Best Selling eBook ‘Turbo Charge Your Writing’
it’s only 22 pages long (and 2 of those pages are order forms).
And the authors give the example of someone who wrote a
book of only 7 pages that sells between $30 and $50.
The fact is that people are inundated with information. So
the shorter your book, the better.

Vitale and Edwards have an impressive track record in
online publication. Joe Vitale (also known as ‘Mr. Fire’) is
Something of a legend in the world of marketing. He has
written more than 12 successful books and has helped more than
200 authors to write, publish and promote their books.

Jim Edwards writes a syndicated newspaper column called
‘’ and is a frequent guest speaker at
national conferences on topics such as search engine
traffic generation and online marketing ‘very low’. He’s
also author of ’33 Days To Online Profits’ and ‘The
The lazy man’s guide to online business.

If you’re like many aspiring authors, you may feel the need to
write your book first and then find out if there is a
market for it. But as Edwards and Vitale point out, that’s
a formula for e-book failure.

In chapter 2 (‘Setting up for success’) the
authors show you how to identify your niche, how to
discuss your wants, needs, and problems, and how to write a
book that satisfies those wants, needs, and problems.

Do not skip this chapter, it provides very detailed information
techniques for using keyword research to find out exactly
who is your target audience and where will you find them in
The Internet.

The author program to write your eBook in seven days
contains some useful techniques to get your creativity
the juices flow and write your words on the paper –
writing your material like a letter to a friend, and writing
your sales copy first.

The chapter on ‘Formatting your e-book text’ contains some
valuable tips, like breaking up text with bullet points
and headers. Your readers will thank you – one of
the keys to avoiding credit card surcharges is to do it
easy for your readers to absorb your information.

Chapter 10 (‘How to make money with your eBook’) gives you
some proven formulas to turn your eBook into
benefits, such as the sale of reprint rights and ‘back
uploading your ebook with your own affiliate links, attached
companies and affiliate programs.

The book also contains interviews with eight successful
E-book authors including Yanik Silver, Rick Beneteau and
Jay Conrad Levinson.

It is worth reading the interview with Yanik Silver very well
carefully. He reveals how he made tens of thousands of
dollars by setting up 3 separate earnings streams on the same
eBook: reprint rights, your own affiliate links and
Personalization fees.

If you want to create your own information product, this
The book is definitely worth reading – you will discover that
It is easier than you think. You can get your copy of ‘How
To write and publish your own eBook in as little as 7 days

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