37 activities to do with your family on your front porch

We often take for granted a part of our home that we go through day after day. What part is that? It’s your front porch. If you have a medium to large sized porch, consider it an extension of your home where you can spend time with your family. You may wonder what you could do on your porch.

It was easy for me to come up with a bunch of simple family activities that you could do on your porch with your son, daughter, spouse, mother, father, grandfather, neighbor, or friend. Now, don’t laugh when you read this list. Some activities will be more attractive to you than others. Some can even bring back memories of when you were a kid.

Here are the first 37 things that came to mind, but I didn’t stop there. I have many more in my next articles. Some of these activities will work best if you have a small table on your porch. Keep in mind that the weather and your porch lighting play a role in some of these activities.

Let’s go for it.

  1. Play a game of checkers, chess, cards, or any board game like scrabble or monopoly. They are all fun front porch classics.
  2. Read stories aloud to each other.
  3. Listen to some mysteries on the old radio when it’s dark outside.
  4. Write birthday cards for the next month.
  5. Work together on a puzzle book.
  6. Read the newspaper with your honey.
  7. Listen to an audiobook together, maybe one chapter at a time.
  8. Plant a herb garden to place on the edge of the railing.
  9. Make loop handles. Do you remember that when you were a kid?
  10. Rock a baby in your porch rocking chair (you need a baby for this one!).
  11. Learn a foreign language together.
  12. Blow bubbles with a child. You can even make the bubble solution yourself.
  13. Draw with sidewalk chalk.
  14. Install a ceiling fan on your porch (a great project for a knowledgeable parent to teach an older child).
  15. Play jacks, tiddlywinks, or marbles (they can be fun, really!).
  16. Magic Tricks
  17. Play a keyboard or guitar and sing some songs.
  18. Listen to hockey, basketball, baseball or soccer on your radio.
  19. Do a task together.
  20. Set up your telescope and identify stars, planets, and UFOs.
  21. Browse the Internet, update your blog, answer questions in a forum.
  22. Talk to your grandmother or grandfather on the phone.
  23. Spill your hearts to each other on the porch swing.
  24. Fold the clothes. Folding clothes doesn’t have to be boring!
  25. Get a paint by number and get started.
  26. Come up with ideas to spruce up your porch and make it even more enjoyable.
  27. Hang a swing on the porch with a friend.
  28. Identify birds and keep a birdwatching journal.
  29. Put together a puzzle. Do this in something that is easily transported into the house.
  30. Sort and organize your recipes.
  31. Cut out coupons, articles, or photos from newspapers and magazines.
  32. Make a trampoline out of a store bought kit. Some include brightly colored gems and letter templates to personalize your trampoline.
  33. Build a wind chime and hang it on your porch.
  34. Paint small decorative birdhouses to decorate your porch.
  35. Host a book club meeting on your porch, with some snacks like lemonade, cookies from the fridge, and popcorn.
  36. Get out your sketch pad and draw a picture of your front porch to hang around your house.
  37. Decorate your front door with a wreath, basket, or beautiful bright fresh paint.

Your porch is a perfect little piece of heaven that you may be overlooking. It is a great place to spend time outdoors with someone you love or just for you. Even in this sleek, high-tech world where we are constantly entertained by television, videos, and game boxes, sometimes going back to basics is quite refreshing. Think of your own reasons for spending time on your own porch with your family. It could also improve the rest of your life.

Look for future articles of mine with more fun activities to do on your porch.

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