5 Things to Consider When Buying Darjeeling Tea Online

Darjeeling tea is the type of tea originating from Darjeeling, the mountainous city of West Bengal, India. Darjeeling is popular around the world for its exotic drink that is grown on the slopes of the hills with great care, precision and flavor after processing. Buying tea online can save you a lot of money, especially […]

The Howey test (aka why private money investing involves the SEC)

Have you ever heard of the ‘Howey’ test? If you want to raise money from private investors to finance real estate investments, you need to know what the Howey test is and what it means to you. J. Howey was a Florida businessman who sold real estate contracts to finance the development of his own […]

Commercial Mortgage Loans – What Rates Do Hedge Funds Charge For Commercial Mortgages?

The ongoing credit crisis has made it much more difficult for investors to qualify for an institutionally financed commercial mortgage loan (bank, broker, insurance company). Underwriting standards have become significantly stricter and loan parameters have tightened. Banks are accepting very few transactions, and even fewer are closing.   Many good loans that should be financed […]

Buying a property in Romania – Real estate law in Romania

If you are looking to buy a holiday home or second residence or invest in Romania, Transylvania or the Black Sea and you are a foreign citizen / investor, there are some things you need to know about the procedure and costs for acquiring Romanian land. or Romanian houses. After 2012, foreign EU citizens (non-Romanians) […]

Real Estate Investment Opportunity: How to Locate a Property to Buy

Looking for a profitable commercial real estate investment opportunity? Below are some helpful tips for finding commercial property to buy. Before starting your search, you must decide the type of property you want. Determine the size, type, and location of the commercial property you want to purchase. You may be looking for a multi-tenant office […]