Pros and Cons of Buying an Outer Banks Rental Property

Are you interested in purchasing an Outer Banks rental property? When it comes to rental properties, many rental property buyers are hoping for a profit. If you are one of those optimistic people, you may want to consider examining the pros and cons of buying Outer Banks rental property before doing so. One of the […]

Funky Living Room Furniture: How To Make Your Living Room Stand Out From The Rest

Breaking through the clich├ęs like reselling things on e-bay, data entry, web design, programming, and selling photos on stock photography sites, there are better but little-known ways to make extra money. Just as everything else is evolving, so are the methods of making money online. Internet marketing has become the most important activity with all […]

Important factors to consider in competitive analysis

To complete a comprehensive competitive analysis, you must understand the competitive landscape. You must know who your competitors are. Prepare an overview of your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses. Place each competitor’s product in front of their products. Understand the needs and preferences of the customer you are competing for. When considering your competitors, determine […]

Jamaican Casanovas: Men Living In Jamaica Cheat And Betray American Women For Money

I am an American woman who lived my life as a single mother. For eighteen years, my two children and I were alone. I have a girl and a boy. After raising them all alone for their entire lives, it was time for them to leave and begin their lives as college students. Feeling sad […]