Commercial Kitchens: Are Shelves a Sufficient Storage Solution?

For restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes that have commercial kitchens that are the main source of their business, it means that all stock is stored in that kitchen. Obviously, the commercial kitchen has many cabinets that are used to store anything from catering equipment to food supplies. If the kitchen has cabinets, do you need to add shelves as well?

Shelves can be an alternative storage solution for the commercial kitchen. The beauty of shelving is that you can make the shelves as long or as short as you like. You can add one tier of shelves or multiple tiers. It all depends on you and the space you have on the walls above the cabinets. They’re also ideal because they don’t take up a lot of ceiling space above the work surfaces that cabinets provide. Plus, because they don’t have doors, you won’t accidentally bump your head on the doors if you forget to close them while busy preparing a meal.

Upper cabinets can be cumbersome and more expensive to install, while shelves can be installed relatively quickly and cost-effectively. Therefore, you can add many of them on all the walls that you have available in the commercial kitchen. If you have budget constraints, this is a great storage solution. You will also create a neat kitchen and all kitchen staff will know exactly where all catering equipment is stored. If you want to be more organized, add labels on the shelves where each catering equipment or food supply should be stored. This will prevent kitchen staff from placing items where there is an empty space.

The beauty of shelving is that you can put the catering equipment you use every day on top of it. Provides quick and easy access as well as storage once you are done with the catering equipment. Items such as blenders, food mixers, toasters, and other processing equipment can be stored for easy access. You can also store the food supplies you use daily, such as cooking oil, sugar, salt, and spices there.

Having catering equipment and food supplies in view and within reach can make your commercial kitchen more efficient when it comes to preparing dishes for customers. This can reduce prep time and make customers happy. Customers will appreciate the quick service, especially if they are hungry.

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