Cook, Serve, Delicious! Review

Cook Serve Delicious is a restaurant simulator where you must handle orders, create the orders and serve them to the customers, while at the same time managing the housework and two rush hours each day. The game features multiple varieties of food, including Mexican, American, Asian, and Italian. Each food requires its own preparation and creation, with “recipe cards” adding new varieties for each upgrade. The goal of the game is to become a 5-star restaurant and make it the best!

Each order you receive requires its own prep work and some are unique and require different cook times. For example, for French fries, you will need to press and hold the fryer basket until smoke comes out, then place it on the plate and add salt or other ingredients if necessary. Before buying new foods, you will be allowed to taste them first, giving you an idea of ​​how they are created and prepared. You can also set the shortcuts for the prep keys before a day starts, giving you better control over each food to your liking.

Depending on how well you prepared the food, you will get a perfect, average, or poor performance. Each perfect performance will be added to your perfect combination, and if you complete the day without a single average or poor grade, you will receive a cash bonus. Also, sometimes you will receive bets in the mail that require you to achieve a certain blend of perfection with certain foods, which will keep you on your toes.

As you progress through Cook Serve Delicious, you will gain access to powerful updates that will make the game a little easier for you. You can buy, for example, better dishwashers, garbage disposal, safety upgrades, and much more. You can even get updates like a “Daily Special”, make customers more patient, and much more! These are optional upgrades, but they can make the game a lot easier for you, cutting housework times in half and keeping your clients more patient – or even those back health inspectors for a while! bit longer!

In these catering challenges, you will be assigned a specific food theme to create and tasked with completing as many orders perfectly within the time limit. You will receive a bonus for each additional item created that exceeds the time limit. Catering challenges are required to advance to more restaurant stars, and you’ll get a nice bonus for completing each one. You will need to unlock the food before you can meet these challenges.

The Iron Cook Challenge is a feature that occurs after reaching a certain star level in Cook Serve Delicious. In these challenges you will have 5 waves to complete on a specific topic. The patience meter is much lower and the food updates as the challenge progresses. You are only allowed 2 wrong orders and any more will disqualify you. These challenges are required to be completed to advance to higher restaurant stars, and you will receive a nice cash bonus for completing each one.

Cook4Luv is a Cook Serve Delicious dating service where you can date men or women at your restaurant. If you choose to go on a date, they will show up at your restaurant the next day and have a favorite meal. You will need to have the food on the menu the day they are featured, otherwise they will not show up or hang out with you. Filling in your multiple dates with them will give you more tickets to use for random bets and so on.

Overall, the game is pretty good. If you are a fan of time management games in the Diner Dash sense and those of its kind, then you will find this game interesting and it has a decent amount of time involved in it. A good play value, lots of improvements and challenges will keep you playing for a long time, and I highly recommend it!

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