Gérard Jugnot unleashes the Caesar

With 1.6 million viewers in front of their small screen this Friday evening, the Caesars achieved their worst audience score for more than ten years. Figures that can be explained by a ceremony that is not very festive or even too militant, if we are to believe the comments of Internet users.

Rewarded with a César “anniversary” like the other members of the Splendid, Gérard Jugnot returned to this special ceremony during which Corinne Masiero, Captain Marleau’s main actress, was completely exposed to send a message to the Prime Minister Jean Castex and to support the intermittents of the spectacle in this period of crisis. “It’s true that it could have been militant and political with a little lightness and humor. That’s what I blame because it’s true that we are suffering, but we are not the only ones… We should not make people believe that there are only artists who suffer during this period.”, Says the actor. “It’s a shame, that’s not what will make people want to go back to the cinema.

I think the orchestra should have played during this Titanic. There he was playing a little wrong. But hey, Les César, it’s always been a bit like that anyway”, Concludes the actor from Santa claus is junk.

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