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Bei der Bild-Zeitung brodelt es offenbar in der Chefetage.

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Berlin – The editor-in-chief of the German tabloid image, Julian Reichelt, has been given a temporary leave of absence in the midst of an ongoing compliance procedure. The media group Axel Springer announced on Saturday in Berlin via Reichelt: “In order to ensure an undisturbed investigation and not to burden the work of the editorial staff, it has asked the board to be released from its functions for a limited time until the allegations have been clarified.”

The exemption has now taken place, “it continued. Reichelt (40), the chairman of the image– Editor-in-chief and spokesman for the image-Management is rejecting the allegations. In an internal message to colleagues that the German press agency was available, wrote Reichelt, image and the people at image be his life. “I’ve always done everything for it imagethat we are doing well and I do that today, even if it is infinitely difficult for me. That is why I asked the board of directors to take a leave of absence for the time being in order to contribute to unassailable clarification and to examine the allegations that were made against me. “

Was the behavior compliant with the rules?

The compliance proceedings against Reichelt, who has been working for Springer in various functions for almost 20 years, became known days ago. Such an investigation in a company aims to check whether the behavior conformed to the rules and the guidelines of a company were adhered to. The media group emphasized: “The investigation has not yet been completed. Therefore, the company will not provide any further information on the procedure or the subject of the allegations.”

After hints of the satirist Jan Böhmermann in his ZDF-Show had a week ago mirror citing information reported that there are alleged allegations from several employees. The news magazine wrote of the abuse of power and the exploitation of relationships of dependency.

In the meantime, the editor-in-chief of image am Sonntag and member of the editor-in-chief of the Bild Group, Alexandra Würzbach, the management of the editorial team of Germany’s largest tabloid, as the group further announced.

External experts consulted for investigations

When clearing up the evidence of possible compliance violations within the image-Editing, the internal compliance management has called in external experts, as Springer has now officially confirmed. “Research is open-ended in all directions and the credibility and integrity of all those involved are assessed.”

The media company also emphasized: “Axel Springer always and very fundamentally has to differentiate between rumors, clues and evidence. If rumors about other people become concrete clues from those affected, the company immediately begins the educational work – as in the current case.” When clues become evidence, the board acts. “This evidence has not yet existed. To prejudice on the basis of rumors is unthinkable in the corporate culture of Axel Springer.”

Reichelt also wrote in the internal message to the colleagues: “I will defend myself against those who want to destroy me because of them image and don’t like everything we stand for. “ (APA / dpa)

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