In the future, “Südtirol heute” will broadcast from a new studio in Bozen | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Das Moderatoren-Team von „Südtirol heute“: Sabine Amhof, Sigrid Silgoner, Patrick Rina, Simone Lackner-Raffeiner, Manuela Vontavon (v. l.).


Bolzano, Innsbruck – Since May 2000, “Südtirol heute” has been broadcast from the ORF regional studio Tyrol in Innsbruck. A new era begins on Monday, March 22nd. From then on, the program – to be seen Monday to Friday at 6.30 p.m. in the ORF 2 program in South, North and East Tyrol – will be broadcast from the new studio at Siemensstrasse 19 in Bolzano. The moderation is also handled in Bolzano.

“’South Tyrol today’ is the most visible project of the European region Tyrol – South Tyrol – Trentino for the general public,” says ORF country director Robert Unterweger. In 2019, the reporting was expanded to include Trentino.

ORF General Director Alexander Wrabetz sees information from and about South Tyrol as “an essential pillar in ORF’s regional information”. Siegfried Giuliani, editor-in-chief of “Südtirol heute”, emphasizes the multiple benefits of the new studio: “Merging the moderation with the editorial team saves time and money and increases the capacity for the production of daily programs.” (TT)

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