Symptoms and treatment of yeast infection in oral sex

Many people wonder if a yeast infection can be transmitted through oral sex. Candida, a yeast that can cause numerous infections, is contagious. However, unless you have a very weak immune system, it is highly unlikely that you will get a yeast infection through oral sex.

Worrying about getting an STD can cause a lot of anxiety. For example, if you get sick shortly after having oral sex, you don’t need to worry. The coincidences happen. A likely symptom you would experience after getting a yeast infection after oral sex would be yeast infection.

Yeast infection is a yeast infection most often found in babies and adults. Symptoms may include burning in the mouth, itching, pain, and a whitish or grayish-white discharge from the mouth. Other symptoms in adults can include throat infections and bad breath.

In extreme cases, yeast infections are known to travel to other parts of the body, such as infecting the bloodstream and internal organs. If left unchecked, this yeast infection can become quite a serious problem because over time it will begin to excrete harmful toxins in the body.

The liver breaks down these toxins and turns them into alcohol, causing one to show feelings of intoxication. Therefore, it is vital that you remove the infection, or else it will continue to cause problems.

Yeast infections can be cured successfully. However, you need to know which treatments are harmful and which are safe and effective. Even more important, you need to find a treatment that will cure the infection permanently and not just treat your symptoms. Otherwise, your yeast infection will continually come back to haunt you.

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