The death of his father, Macron, his depression, social networks …: Nicolas Bedos confides

The man who holds several hats has thus looked at several hot topics of the news. A few months ago, he was the target of Internet users after his text “Stop everything” about the coronavirus. He had also left social networks following this controversy.

The director of the future OSS 117 returned to this painful moment. “Knowing the level of indignation that I can carry within me, I prefer to stay away from a weapon – the networks – which made me commit quite suicidal things. If I were alone, a novelist for example, I would not. I wouldn’t have disconnected. But a film… I don’t want to hurt the work of an entire team. However, I will never change my speech. And then… That won’t prevent me from coming back. “

The 41-year-old man had a terrible time during this coronavirus period. Because of the controversy, he was notably spit on a plane by a traveler. Above all, he was touched by a series of mourning: his godfather, Jean-Loup Dabadie, his father, Guy Bedos, his godmother. Undeniably, that does a lot for one man. For our French colleagues, he mentioned the death of his father’s humorist. “My father suffered greatly from not being able to see us anymore, he stopped eating at the start of confinement. Jean-Loup died almost alone in a hospital room, deprived of our love, that of his family. What I posted came from there. “

And it’s not the first time he’s experienced depression. “I owe my greatest theatrical success to Mélanie Laurent. Who came to pick me up in a deplorable state in a trendy nightclub, and said to me: ‘I am ashamed to have loved so much a guy who has become it’.” In full lack of confidence, the words of the actress have had the effect of an electric shock.

Nicolas Bedos stirred broad during this interview. If he believes he has the right to make mistakes, he also confided in the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. “If I had to caricature the times, I would say we have a president who lives and thinks like a 14-year-old top of the class, when most of my idols are libertarian dunces.

In this, the comedian assumes to love the debate and the contradictions. “We inflict on histrions, poets, creators, the same responsibilities as a Minister of Health, or a political scientist. And a whole youth accommodates this limitation of freedom of expression, even the calls for wishes. (…) I admire people with whom I do not agree. Who upset my relationship with the world. “

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