VSV has self-confidence: “Now we want to keep showing our true colors”

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The VSV worked out everything in the second quarter-finals. The always reliable Nico Brunner did a great job alongside captain Jamie Fraser.

From Philip Edlinger | 3 p.m., March 15, 2021

Brunner is ready

Reliability has a name in Villach: Nico Brunner. The Draustädter home grown is always there when and wherever it is needed. In the storm, in the defense and no matter in which line he does his job, there is no complaining. Most recently, often only as the seventh defender or suddenly called up as a substitute striker in the middle of the game, Brunner was allowed to be suspended from Josef Hrabal ran back to normal. And that right in the first pair of defenders next to Jamie Fraser. And like the whole Adler team, he did his job excellently. “It was really really nice to have the normal rhythm with the changes, because your own play gets better from shift to shift, you move and the disc with more self-image,” says Brunner, who at least on Tuesday still did the part next to Fraser, before Hrabal returns.

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