What Are BMW Car Specs?

BMW Car Specs

BMW has an impressive range of cars, which are designed to appeal to all kinds of drivers. Its incredible engineering means that every model is strong, smooth, nimble when it needs to be and comfortable for passengers. However, the brand also offers plenty of options to enhance each car and ensure it’s perfect for you. Using our online car configurator, you can configure a bmw specs model to get an idea of what it’s like to drive and what equipment it might have.

Our spec builder is easy to use. Simply select the series of your choice and click through the options available. As you do so, a BMW model with the specified specification will be displayed. You can then save this configuration if you wish or pass it to your dealer if you’re looking to buy the car. Once you’ve done this, you can explore the model in more detail, including checking out its dimensions, fuel economy and running costs, as well as all its other details.

If you’re interested in the latest BMW, the model will appear at the top of the list along with its price and the key specs it has. By scrolling down the page, you’ll be able to see all the details of the car, including paint colours and alloy wheels. There will also be the option to add a finance deposit, which will enable you to spread the cost of the car over time.

What Are BMW Car Specs?

The spec builder allows you to select the engine and gearbox you’d like, as well as picking extra equipment if you want to. Usually, SE models – which bring together most of the must-have equipment – come with climate control, keyless entry and go, a rear-view camera, automatic wipers and lights, and alloy wheels as standard. If you want to add more advanced features, there’s the Sport package, which brings a sportier look and more supportive sports seats.

Other models will have xLine, which adds traditional 4×4 visual clues to the car. There are also some SUVs with xDrive, which sends power to the wheels that need it most to improve grip under tricky conditions. A lot of BMWs can be had in flagship M Performance guise, too. These are usually the most powerful versions of each model and offer additional technology to give them a distinct edge over the rest of the range.

One of the most exciting aspects of a BMW is its ability to accelerate quickly. The 0-60 mph time is a key benchmark for performance, and BMWs often excel in this area. Models like the BMW M5 Competition can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds, thanks to their potent engines and advanced drivetrain technology. Drivetrain Options: BMW offers a variety of drivetrain options, catering to different driving preferences and conditions. Rear-wheel drive (RWD) is the standard for many BMW models, providing a sporty and dynamic driving experience. For enhanced traction and all-weather capability, BMW offers xDrive, its intelligent all-wheel-drive system. The choice of drivetrain can significantly impact a BMW’s performance and handling.

Lastly, many models can be had with a ‘Tourer’ or ‘Estate’ suffix that makes the car suitable for use in family situations. These vehicles feature a raised driving position to increase rear passenger space and a bigger boot. The Tourer enables you to load more luggage into the back, while the Estate is ideal for people who need to take large loads or equipment on a regular basis.

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