What Is the Maximum Speed of the JOBOBIKE E-Bike?

Maximum Speed of the JOBOBIKE E-Bike

In Europe, there are a lot of different rules around how fast an E-bike can go. A directive from the EU sets a limit of 25km/h, but many countries have their own rules as to how to use them and who can ride them. Some, like Norway and Turkey, follow the EU standard very closely, but others have more liberal laws – for example, the Danish allow E-bikes to travel at up to 45km/h on their cycle paths.


The average cycling speed of a beginner cyclist on a regular bicycle is 12mph, while competent club riders can hit 20 to 24mph. E-bikes can go significantly faster than this, however, thanks to their electric motors. If you are considering buying an e-bike, you may be wondering how fast it can go and whether it will have a speed limiter. Fortunately, most JOBOBIKE E-bikes come with a speed limiter, so you can be sure that you can ride your bike safely and legally.


Typically, a JOBOBIKE E-bike can reach a top speed of 28mph (48km/h). This is plenty of speed for most recreational and commuter uses. Our e-bikes also feature Bosch’s Intuvia display, which shows your current speed and mode on a clear 2.5″ high-contrast screen. You can easily access this info with your hands on the bars, and it pairs wirelessly with our LED remote or Mini Remote for an even more convenient and connected experience.

What Is the Maximum Speed of the JOBOBIKE E-Bike?

There are some people who try to tamper with their e-bikes’ speed limits by removing the speed limiters, but this is illegal in most countries. Discerning Cyclist don’t recommend this, as modifying your bike in this way can affect its safety and reliability. In some countries, doing this can make you liable for a fine or even imprisonment.

At the heart of the JOBOBIKE E-Bike lies a dedication to engineering excellence. Every component of this electric marvel has been meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional riding experience. The high-torque electric motor seamlessly integrates with the bike’s frame, providing riders with swift acceleration and a smooth, powerful ride. With multiple power modes, the JOBOBIKE E-Bike adapts effortlessly to diverse terrains, ensuring a comfortable journey whether you’re navigating bustling city streets or cruising through scenic countryside.

The advanced lithium-ion battery pack is a testament to JOBOBIKE’s commitment to sustainability. Designed for maximum efficiency and longevity, this battery provides an impressive range, allowing riders to cover substantial distances on a single charge. Furthermore, the battery is easily removable, simplifying the charging process and enabling users to conveniently power up wherever they are.

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