Why am I not getting good results when I do 30 minutes of cardio in my gym?

You have undoubtedly witnessed thousands of courses that promote cardiovascular training. Is it all exaggeration? Or is it real?

For starters, some of the good things you can gain through cardiovascular (cardio) training are lower bad cholesterol and higher levels of good cholesterol.

Cardiovascular (cardio) fitness will strengthen your heart and lungs and lower your chances of having a stroke or other heart complications.

Cardio fitness is quite popular in gyms these days. Some people prefer to exercise using their body weight, and other people who frequent gyms prefer to use machines. Both methods will help you build cardiovascular endurance and reduce body fat.

So what is the best plan?

It is not the focus that matters, it is the intensity. And since machine training sessions are done so much more than bodyweight exercises, it’s easier to get complacent and make a few mistakes. By incorporating a few modifications in the way you use this equipment, we can skyrocket our cardiovascular levels.

If you are working hard on the stair climber, you had better not rest your arms on the handrails. This common mistake is sure to support some of your body weight making this particular exercise ineffective and less intense. A better option is to keep your arms away from the railings and make sure your legs support most of your body weight.

The elliptical trainer is another machine that we see in almost any gym, but nevertheless, some of the trainees who use this equipment tend to lower the resistance level and begin to move faster, believing that moving faster will help them have perfect abs. . . Basically, what will help you lose a few inches from your waist is the intensity, by increasing the resistance of the training device, you will move a little slower, but the intensity of the exercise session will be enormous. That is what will help us lose more fat.

A very common training device is the stationary bike. This equipment can make you or break you because the range of motion is too small, plus people set the resistance level too low and then start reading a book or start talking on their cell phone. The bottom line is this, if you can have a conversation on your phone or you can talk to the person next to you while exercising at the same time, your workout will not be intense.

And the most common, the treadmill. If you are using this machine, a good advice I can give you is to fix your eyes on a point on the wall, if you see that point out of focus, you are certainly jumping more than you should. Maintain the same level of vision while jogging or walking and of course the way to increase the intensity on this exercise device is to increase your speed.

Make all your cardio training more intense. Make sure that when you’re done with your training sessions, you’re covered in sweat. That is the best sign that you have exercised vigorously and that is the only way you can have a toned body, a healthier life, and better cardiovascular fitness.

If you use your body weight or machines, never forget, it is the intensity of the exercise that will give you that chiseled look.

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