Admira – Sturm 0-0: Siebenhandl helps Sturm to a point

SK Sturm only got a zero number in the away game against Admira. Jörg Siebenhandl in the goal of the Grazer could not be defeated.

9.47 p.m., March 21, 2021

Ivan Ljubic (left) had two good chances © GEPA pictures

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The SK Sturm finished the regular round with a zero number and will thus remain away without a win in 2021. And the Graz team also missed the goal of getting over 40 points due to the division of points. Trainer Christian Ilzer made four changes compared to the 2: 1 against Vienna Austria. For the injured Sandro Ingolitsch (Knee) and Andreas Kuen (Abs) came Jusuf Gazibegovic and Otar Kiteishvili right from the start.

In central defense I had to Niklas Geyhofer Gregory Wüthrich Make room. And got in the attack Kevin Friesenbichler instead of Kelvin Yeboah the chance. The Graz team dominated the game from the start. They were more active in the first half hour, had more possession and won more tackles. However, once again there was a lack of penetration. They did not score a single shot on goal worth mentioning. The Admira had a header from Andrew Wooten (34th) and a shot from David Atanaga (42nd) the best chance in the first half. At Atanga’s opportunity, the storm goalie shone Jörg Siebenhandl. It shouldn’t be the last duel between the two of them in this game. A shot of Jakob Jantscher (45th) just misses the pole.

Admira got better and better

The Graz team started dynamically in the second half and got through right away Ivan Ljubic (49.) the best chance so far. His shot was from Lukas Malicsek blocked. In the 55th minute, Siebenhandl had to intervene again, won the second duel with Atanga and immediately afterwards he defused the shot from Matthias Ostrzolek (58.). The game swayed to and fro. Stefan Hierländer (63.) warps from 16 meters. The game advanced to an open exchange of blows, without top chances. Also because the Südstädter led the duels more intensely. Wooten had the opening goal on his feet. He ran completely alone on Siebenhandl (76th). But Sturm’s goalkeeper could not be defeated, held an untenable ball.

And also in the 82nd minute it was Siebenhandl who saved the Grazer the point. Marco Kadlec prevailed against three Sturm players. In the Fnish, they did everything in Grazer to get three points. Ljubic withdrew in the 90th minute, but Andreas Leitner in the gate the Admiraner was at his post. And missed in the 93rd minute David Nemeth with his shot the goal was very close. So it stayed with the zero number.

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