Coronavirus – The Netherlands are also suspending vaccinations with Astrazeneca

The Netherlands is temporarily suspending corona vaccinations with the vaccine from the manufacturer Astrazeneca – for two weeks. You are following the example of Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Bulgaria and Ireland, who for the time being are no longer administering the British-Swedish manufacturer’s vaccine due to indications of possible side effects.

The Medicines Agency recommended this “precautionary measure” based on new information. Further examinations would now be carried out, said the Dutch Ministry of Health on Sunday evening. “The crucial question is whether the complaints arose after or because of the vaccination,” said Health Minister Hugo de Jonge. So far, no case is known in the Netherlands in which there were more serious side effects.

Denmark first suspended vaccinations with the Astrazeneca drug on Thursday. The Danish Health Authority referred to reports of severe blood clots in vaccinated people; one person died of a blood clot shortly after being vaccinated. Whether there is a connection has not yet been conclusively clarified. Since then, Norway, Iceland, Bulgaria and, most recently, Ireland have announced the suspension of vaccinations with Astrazeneca.

In Norway, three young people developed blood clots or cerebral haemorrhage after the vaccination, and in several cases young people who have been vaccinated are said to have developed skin bleeding or bruises.

According to the EMA, there is no noticeable accumulation

In the northern Italian city of Biella, a teacher died after administering Astrazeneca. The Piedmont region temporarily suspended vaccinations on Sunday, in the evening they were continued with other batches (he had received one from batch ABV5811). On Friday, the Aifa drug agency stopped administering a batch of Astrazeneca after two soldiers and a police officer died in Sicily. Another three deaths are being determined, including the death of a deputy headmaster in Bologna.

In Austria, a 49-year-old nurse from the Zwettl State Hospital died as a result of severe coagulation disorders, a 35-year-old colleague developed a pulmonary embolism, but was recently on the mend. In these two cases in Lower Austria, the women concerned had previously received vaccinations from the same batch of the Astrazeneca vaccine.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) had declared that there was no noticeable accumulation of thromboses in connection with the vaccination. (apa / dpa / reuters)

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