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Immer wieder holte sich Frank Willens nach den Anweisungen des Texts Anwesende aus dem Team auf die Bühne.

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Hall i. T. – Not only the audience, but also the actor himself was surprised by a play. Performer Frank Willens was sometimes amazed at the Tyrolean premiere of the play “White Rabbit, Red Rabbit” at the instructions he took from the text. On behalf of the Easter Festival, the performance was broadcast live from the Hall salt warehouse.

Nassim Soleimanpour’s piece is an experimental fable: there were no rehearsals for the solo piece in Hall either, and no director was present. Only will, the text of the author and the festival team. On stage, Willens read the text for the first time. He guided him through skits, brought him closer to the author and ultimately even closer to himself.

The audience sometimes left suspicious of the text in drawn-out passages. Instructions point to a certain ending that could even be life-threatening. A piece that becomes a weapon if you believe in it.

“White rabbit, red rabbit” went on stage in over 100 theaters worldwide in the last 24 hours. Although with the same text, the actor always redesigns the piece with his actions. In Tyrol it worked well, apart from a few technical problems with the stream. That is why the organizers hope for a resumption with the audience as soon as possible: a resumption that will then be a completely new piece. (colorful)

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