Helping Marriage Tips: Tips from A to Z for a Better Marriage

Marriage is really what you make it to be, so I’ve listed some helpful marriage tips to help you improve your marriage. If just one of these helps you improve your thinking and your marriage, I will live happily ever after.

A- Always treat your spouse better than you would like to be treated.

B- Before going to bed angry, try to reconcile with your spouse.

C- Call your spouse from time to time just to say “I love you”.

D- Never assume that your marriage is great. Make sure your spouse feels the same.

E- From time to time, take some time for yourself and do something that you liked to do when you started dating or even from your youth.

F- Find ways to surprise your spouse with an unexpected act of kindness.

Greet your spouse with a hug and a kiss at least in the morning and at night.

H- Have intimate relationships as often as one of you wishes.

I- Include your spouse in important decisions and conversations.

J- Just say no to being a workaholic and wasting precious time with your spouse and your family.

K- Keep your spouse and marriage as your top priority and make sure others respect you.

L- Love your spouse by respecting, honoring and being the best half that you can be.

M- Make your spouse feel appreciated by telling them every now and then.

N- Never flirt or give the impression to anyone that you are not committed to your spouse.

O- Just discuss with your spouse if you are going to perfect and improve your marriage and your relationship when everything is over.

Q- Practice humility and forgiveness and instantly improve your marriage.

P- Stop complaining about unimportant matters. If you place a lot of importance on everything, your spouse will never know what really matters to you.

A- Do not allow romance to take a back seat in your marriage. It will help in the marriage and prevent someone else from trying to help you in this area by having an affair with you or your spouse.

S- Keep abreast of what is happening in your spouse’s life (at work or at home). No one should know more than you about your spouse’s needs, wants, and frustrations.

T- Treat your spouse like a princess or a prince.

U- Understand that from marriage you get what you put into it.

V- Express your concerns on matters that are important to you. Don’t wait until your blood is boiling before tackling something that bothers you.

W- Resolve your problems with your spouse and do not include others in the picture unless it is absolutely necessary to improve your marriage.

Take an X-ray of your marriage and find the little things that keep you from getting closer. Get rid of them.

Y- Longing to be the kind of spouse that makes your spouse the best that they can be.

Z- Close your lips if you don’t have anything nice to say to your spouse.

Marriage can be interesting, challenging, and charming, all in the same day. I hope you can take this marriage help tip and use some of it to help you and your spouse have a better marriage.

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