More than 22,000 people want to replace Klaasje Meijer at K3

22,690 people have applied to take the place of Klaasje Meijer at K3. Studio 100 will announce this on Tuesday, after the registrations have closed on Monday evening.

How the story continues, Studio 100 is still investigating together with VTM and the Dutch television channel SBS6. There is talk of a program about the search for the new K3, like more than five years ago. In the talent show ‘K3 is looking for K3’ Karen Damen, Kristel Verbeke and Josje Huisman went in search of the new K3 together with Studio 100 boss Gert Verhulst: together with the viewers they chose Hanne Verbruggen, Marthe De Pillecyn and Klaasje Meijer. Then there were about six thousand registrations.

In February, Klaasje announced that she will leave the group in the autumn of 2021. ‘I give my place within K3 to someone else and I want to give substance to my life in a different way’, was the message, among other things. She doesn’t know yet what her next steps will be, but she would like to continue acting and presenting.

With 22,690 registrations, her follow-up seems in any case assured. ‘We are very happy that an incredible number of people have registered,’ says Marthe. ‘We are very pleased that so many people feel called to give further substance to K3 in the coming years, together with Marthe and me,’ adds Hanne.

Klaasje will leave the group in the autumn of 2021. First, another tour is on the program, from the moment that the corona measures allow it. The K3 movie ‘Dance of the Pharaoh’ is also being released, that release was delayed due to corona.

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