Things no longer hover for Plastic Bertrand: “I’m dying slowly”

In the absence of concerts and other festivals, RTBF is offering a Belgian Music Night this Sunday evening, at 8:05 p.m., on Tipik. Belgian and exclusive live duos between established and emerging artists, as here with Plastic Bertrand and Behind the Pines

I believe in the vaccine to death, especially since there is no help here, compared to France, deplores Plastic Bertrand on the crisis in the cultural world. We are still in the Middle Ages in Belgium. “Before hoping to hit the road again for the Stars 80 tour or for his new album “Human experience”, the famous performer of “It plane for me” – who has lost 120 dates since the Covid – celebrates music made in Belgium this Sunday evening on Tipik. “It was a pleasure to meet Behind the Pines , slips us Plastic Bertrand, at the exit of the recording of the evening presented by Bénédicte Deprez (with happenings of the humorist GuiHome), about the Brussels quartet with which he took over a cult title by David Bowie. It was really beautiful because we were really in the real world. “ Why this choice of rockers? “Obviously to sing Bowie you need rock roots, so they seemed obvious to mes, explains the one who had to keep his distance on stage – Coronavirus obliges – despite this duo sharing with the group. I understood their version of theirs and they were exactly right. It’s a real tribute by kids who are 30 years old! “

Do these young people influence you?


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