Until the leaves tremble: Online concert in front of 182 potted plants | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Vorbild der Aktion in Oldenburg ist ein 2020 in Barcelona vor 2292 Topfpflanzen veranstaltetes Konzert des Opernhauses El Liceu.


Oldenburg – The bands and musicians cannot count on loud applause, but they can count on an exceptionally colorful audience: 182 potted plants listen to the performances of local artists in the audience seats in the Theater Laboratorium Oldenburg. The TV broadcaster Oeins recorded the concert “Music for plants” on March 1st and 4th and will broadcast it this Friday from 7 to 8 pm.

Just like humans, plants react to musical vibrations and could thus grow better, for example, emphasize the Oldenburg organizers. But: “Because plants far too rarely have enough reserves to pay for their entry themselves, they need your support,” it said with a wink.

For a donation of 30 euros, a potted plant could be given access to a concert. The donation proceeds will benefit young Oldenburg artists. The model for the action is a concert by the El Liceu Opera House held in Barcelona in 2020 in front of 2,292 potted plants. (APA / dpa)

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