The Chamber approves the law modifying the CRM for the phase-out of nuclear power

The amendment to the CRM law, which should allow the phase out of nuclear power, was approved in the House overnight.

The Chamber approved, on Friday in plenary session, a bill by Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten which adapts the capacity remuneration mechanism (CRM) approved under the previous legislature. In particular, it takes into account a resolution passed this summer by a large majority.

The CRM is organizing a auction system for electricity production capacity with a view to phasing out nuclear power in 2025. The first of them is expected in October. By then, the European Commission will, in principle, have pronounced on the compatibility of the CRM with state aid rules.

As a reminder, the CRM aims to guarantee the security of electricity supply, by ensuring that production capacities are sufficient to meet demand. The mechanism consists of pay, after auction, for electricity production tools for the capacity they make available to the market when it’s necessary. Support that should in particular allow the construction of new gas-fired power stations.

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