WalkOn AFO – Orthotic Foot – Product Review

Do you suffer from foot drop?

Looking for a brace that easily fits your shoe and helps you walk better?

1. Introduction

Sometimes people want to walk better, but get caught up in the look of a brace. Although many people will never see that you have a brace, there are times when you might think that certain walking braces are too bulky. Fair enough. When it comes to a lower profile AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis), the WalkOn AFO may be the answer to your foot drop problems. This is a pre-made brace that can easily slip into a shoe and help a foot drop to walk in a more symmetrical gait pattern.

2.) Walking

The Otto Bock WalkOn AFO is important because it can help improve gait for people with foot drop in a number of ways:

A.) Gait improvement: promotes a more natural and symmetrical gait.

B.) Roll-Over – Allows fluid to roll over when trying to turn the foot at the toe offset point of the gait cycle.

C.) It allows a good return of energy. Although the brace is thin, it can handle ground reaction forces well.

This orthosis has a back brace that allows patients to go up and down stairs more naturally. This orthosis (brace) can also be as light as 6 ounces. – Additionally, in a study conducted by Otto Bock in December 2001, the WalkOn AFO illustrates that patients using the Walk On AFO had improved “roll over” compared to a standard carbon fiber AFO.

A.) Features: This AFO (Walking Brace) is extremely durable, while being very lightweight due to the use of unique material and design. It also provides heel compression on initial contact in the gait cycle. In addition, there is dynamic movement from mid-position to final position, helping to allow for easy turning in the gait cycle.

B.) Benefits: This pre-made AFO is unique in that it easily fits more shoe types than many other AFOs. This brace is easy to put on and take off. Lastly, this brace has an open heel cup that helps ensure a good fit of the patient’s heel.

3.) Types of WalkOns

A.) 28U11 WalkOn and 28U23 WalkOn Trimable AFO

This brace is ideal for patients who require increased support for moderate to severe foot drop. Why? It is made with a prepreg advanced carbon compound that gives it more resistance. Additionally, each of these drop foot orthotics comes in a stable, low-profile design.

B.) Flex WalkOn 28U22

This AFO is ideal for patients who require less support than the aforementioned AFOs. It is good for patients who have mild foot drop. Why? Because the posterior spiral strut provides more comfort and flexibility for patients who use it than other non-Otto Bock AFOs.

4.) Orthotic Providers Near You

It is important to work with orthopedic specialists near you when it comes to getting these braces. Your local licensed orthopedist will help you get the best WalkOn Brace for your needs.

Note: this is health information. Your local licensed orthopedist should provide you with medical advice on braces.

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