Health and wellness: all those who do us good gathered on one platform

On the new platform dedicated to mental health and well-being called Noös (conscience, in Greek if we want to be quick), these are not boxes to fill in to make an appointment with a professional of the health and care that awaits Internet users, but a question: “How can we help you today?” Below, themes such as “taking care of your femininity”, “lack of sleep” or even “better managing stress at the office” or more fun “starting yoga today”.

This platform that its founder, Antoine Sépulchre sees as a real social network which will eventually bring together a huge community, provides access to specialists, therapists, coaches, … in short, integrative medicine practitioners or alternative who all work ultimately for the well-being of the people they receive, help and care for. Hypnosis, yoga, psychotherapy, ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, sex therapy, sophrology, EMDR, shiatsu, acupuncture … are some of the many practices offered to visitors.

Bringing practitioners and human beings together

But Noös is far from seeing itself as just a mental health and wellness dokagenda! “Our objective is threefold,” emphasizes Antoine Sépulchre. First, “the ambition to drastically reduce the period between the first symptoms of a mental health problem and the time of professional treatment. Today, the WHO estimates this period at 10 years ”, explains Emilie de Morteuil, co-founder. With Noös, “its ease of use, its intuitiveness and the inspiration targeted by the predictive intelligence that the platform brings, we will compress it to less than 6 months in a few years”, adds Antoine Sépulchre.

Societal impact

The other ambition of the platform is to raise awareness as much as possible to the fact that the change is in us, “Change for a better world and a better us. I like to say that pain in life is inevitable, but suffering depends entirely on the interpretation we make of our experiences ”, insists Antoine Sépulchre. Armed with these principles, the founders do not hesitate to make contact with politicians, scientific luminaries developing ambitious projects, innovative start-ups in the field of health and bio-technologies to ultimately have a societal impact that goes beyond borders of Belgium. “The ambition is to put social networks at the service of well-being and to become the market leader in 10 years”, announces Antoine Sepulcher, “I am very inspired by the algorithms created by Facebook and Instagram, I find it fabulous . On the other hand, why not use technology wisely? We can use all this data to analyze people’s interests, not to sell them things they don’t need, to frustrate them, to disconnect them from themselves ”.


In these difficult months, Noös also wants to be a source of inspiration by giving voice to a community where discussion, advice and advice are going well. This platform focused on better living is emerging at the best time when the world undoubtedly needs it the most: the WHO estimates that one in two people is now in psychological distress …

“We want to plant seeds on the path to awakening to work for human well-being. And it is possible since alternative medicine is a practice known and used by one in three Europeans ”. For the International Day of Happiness, Noös has also launched this week a specific web page with articles, videos, movie recommendations and books as well as practices that can help in the quest for happiness.

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