Jean-Marie Bigard sells his own mouth masks and it does not pass

Nothing stops Jean-Marie Bigard, after having glimpsed a political career, the comedian is now trying his luck as an influencer. He has just marketed his own brand of mouth masks. As usual, he is not in the lace, since he decided to print the slogan “Go all make you *****” on them. A message to say the least aggressive, which pushed the biggest brands not to market the said masks.

It is therefore on social networks that Jean-Marie Bigard decided to promote his product. “I have become an influencer since no store dares to sell my masks (…) It is absolutely regulatory. It is an UNS1 mask therefore one of the most effective, which filters at more than 95%. It is valid for 30 times, better than any mask, a little bigger, “he explains in a video.

But it seems that Jean-Marie Bigard and his masks have not succeeded in seducing Internet users. And for good reason, the canvas was offended by the price that the comedian asks, namely 12 euros for two. “For 12 euros, I make 10 masks”, “For the price, you put the package”, “The guy, he is against wearing a mask and he sells”, can we read on Twitter.

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